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First published in August 2018 and published by Master of Law Faculty of Law, Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya.  The word "Magnum Opus" in the title of this journal comes from Latin which means special writing. Jurnal Hukum Magnum Opus editorial is very open in accepting articles related to our scope are Civil Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, Legal Philosophy, Customary Law, Hermeneutic Law, Sociology Law. The fundamental difference between understanding past and present is the concept of community that is continually being expanded. If in the Aristotelian period the community part of the policy or in the modern period of the community exists in the form of the state, the awareness of the community during the period of globalization is related to the position of humans as part of the world community. The role of humans as part of the world community remains inseparable from the role of humans as part of a community whose scope is smaller. Magnum Opus can also be interpreted as the art of mind and text.

Jurnal Hukum Magnum Opus is published twice a year, in February (the last manuscript submission in December) and August (the last manuscript submission in June)

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