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P-ISSN: ISSN 0216-6496
E-ISSN: ISSN 2615-7268
Acreditation: SINTA 3 Acreditation: 28E/KPT/2019

The DIA Journal is a public administration science journal that is managed online and published periodically in one year twice based on peer-to-peer information systems. The DIA Journal is a journal that contains manuscripts in the field of public administration in the form of book reviews, scientific articles, and reports on research results and analytical-critical studies in the field of public administration. Loading articles in this DIA journal can be addressed directly by submission. Complete information for loading articles and article writing instructions is available in the workflow menu. The incoming article will go through a partner selection process or editor.
This journal began to be published in 2005 once every six months offline, currently, the DIA journal (Doctor of Public Administration Sciences) has been managed online through OJS. From December 2019 onwards we have published approximately fourteen articles, previously with only seven articles, and since June 2020 turned into an international language journal. The topics featured generally contain the social science content of the humanities as a whole, specifically containing the science of state administration. editors who actively manage this journal come from professors' qualifications to research lecturers. The language used is scientific in standard English.

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DIA: Journal of Public Administration, receiving research articles on the topics of Public Policy, Public Management, Local Government, Public Service, International Institution, and Development.

The DIA Journal is published twice a year, in June (Acceptance of the last manuscript April, 30) and December (Reception of the last manuscript October, 30)

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Vol 18, No 2 (2020): DEVELOPMENT

Table of Contents


Deni Setiawan, Khalida Ulfa, Titin Purwaningsih
1 - 14
Nursani Budiarti, Suswanta Suswanta
15 - 28
Moh Mukhrojin
29 - 45
Kasiati Kasiati, Heru Santoso Wahito Nugroho
46 - 53
Imam Muazansyah, Irsyad Sudirman
54 -70
I Gede Eko Putra Sri Sentanu, Mohammad Alifvigo Reicoba, Irwan Noor
71 - 92
Khalida Ulfa, Fajar Rahmanto, Suswanta Suswanta
93 - 112
Jumiati Jumiati, Ulung Pribadi, Muhammad Rusli
113 - 122
pujiartini pujiartini, ulung pribadi
123 - 131
Jelang Ramadhan
132 - 142
Muhammad Jave Zulkarnaen
143 - 150
Bornea Retno Mahalayati, M. Noveriyadie, Hanil Sadikin, Muzahid Akbar Hayat
151 - 156
Meyga Sisillia, Arimurti Kriswibowo
157 - 169
Haderiansyah Haderiansyah, Margareta Habibah, Andri Setiawan, Muzahid Akbar Hayat
170 - 178
Mahyuni Hidayat, Bambang Adi Wijaya, Bayu Lintang Samudro, Muzahid Akbar Hayat
179 - 186