JHP17: Jurnal Hasil Penelitian

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JHP17 : Jurnal Hasil Penelitian is a peer-reviewed and open acess journal accomodating researchers, academicians, and scholars around the world to share knowledge adopted from high quality research projects in wide area of disiplines and represent the areas of Economics, Civics, Law Sciences, Social & Humaniora Sciences, Psychological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Language Studies, Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, Area Studies, Library Studies, Informatics, Management, Marketing and Engineering. The JHP is a platform where people can sense the quality of research ideas. Severe reviewed research projects can be submitted for publication, therefore only unpublished and authenthic work is considered for publication projected to produce quality research atmosphere worldwidely. The JHP publish only submitted manuscripts that has been verified through plagiarism screening, that is why quality and novelty manuscipt is given highest priority. The existence of this journal serves a platform for researcher all over the world to synchronize and share their research work pursuing to the initiative development and application of research and technology.

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Call for Papers

Jurnal Hasil Penelitian (JHP) solicites manuscript submissions which tally to our above mentioned focus and scope. General requirements: • Articles have not been published or accepted for publication, or are being considered for publication elsewhere. Types of articles suitable for publication include research reports share theoretical, empirical knowledge and innovative concepts adopted from high quality direct implementation projects in wide area of disiplines and represent the areas of Economics, Civics, Law sciences, social & humaniora sciences, psychological sciences, physical sciences, earth sciences, chemical sciences, language studies, literary studies, cultural studies, area studies, library and information sciences, management, marketing and engineering.. • Articles need to be written either in Bahasa Indonesia or in English using standardized academic writing structure and composition. Manuscripts are typed 1,5 spaced in a quarto paper size (A4), between 5000-7000 words in length including references, pictures, and tables. • Articles should be in form of essay. Articles should be submitted in soft files using Microsoft Word application to the online Submission page in Jurnal Hasil Penelitian (JHP) home site.