• Shinta Dewi


This aims of this study is to determine the effect of orientation marketing and
product innovation on performance marketing in PT. Novapharin Gresik. This type of
research is survey research and this study uses a quantitative approach. Sampling is done
by using a purposive sampling method that is with certain considerations so that the
number of samples obtained is 100 people. Data was collected using a questionnaire that
had been tested for validity and reliability and carried out classical assumption tests. The
data analysis technique used is multiple linear regression. This analysis model is used to
determine the effect of independent variables on the dependent variable. Empirically The
results of the study show that there is a simultaneous influence of the Orientation
Marketing and Product Innovation variables on Performance Marketing and partially
influence, that Orientation Marketing has a positive and significant effect on Performance
Marketing and Product Innovation has a positive and significant effect on Performance
Keywords: Orientation Marketing, Product Innovation, and Marketing Performance


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