Strategi Pemasaran Produk Indosat M3 di Kota Kediri Berdasarkan Analisis SWOT

Ana Komari


The business world of telecommunications is now a full decade with the changes that
are filled with newcomers in the business world of telecommunications. The changes and
upheavals are not just fast, unpredictable and complex, but also contradictory and could
lead to a crisis (Pierce & Robinson, 1994). To respond to these changes companies need to
fundamentally rethink their strategy, structure, performance in order to have the ability to
compete in the increasingly fierce competition conditions. The company is required to
continuously adjust its strategic planning related to the company business environment so
that the chosen strategy is always appropriate.
In order to find the appropriate marketing strategy formulation then it is needed efforts to
identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by the company. For
those reasons, this study was held which focused on the determination efforts of the
marketing strategy that appropriate with the company condition in the middle of
competition. Research conducted in Indosat M3 in particular on its Smart product used a
qualitative method by using respondent of employees who have an understanding of the
market conditions that amounted to 15 people. Data collection tool used was a structured
questionnaire with closed-type questions. The results of this study indicated that the
strategy formulation suggested for Indosat M3 Smart is an investment strategy by
emphasizing on distribution and pricing strata such as make empowering potential outlets,
cooperate with Bank Mandiri and BCA, as well as the incentives system for the interesting
channeling. Thus, Indosat M3 Smart products can feature their competitive advantage if
compared to other similar competitors.
Keywords: IM3, Telecommunications, Marketing Strategy, SWOT Analysis.

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