• Oetomo Yanus Ramadhan Putera Adi
  • Edy Sudaryanto
  • Ni Made Ida Pratiwi


Hotel is a bussiness utilizing a building equipped with facilities which are specially provided for the
needs of everybody who will stay or spend the night with adequate services and in return there are
charges for the services obtained. These things will also determine how many stars it deserves. The more
stars achieved the better the image shown to the people. Therefore there's a certain division responsible
in building image for the company related, known as Public Relations. But does every company have
one? One of the starred hotels in Surabaya, Launched in july 1st 2013 with its one of a kind design
and location is The Ibis Budget. It's where you'll find every rooms adapting the concept of design cocoon
room (which has won the hotel room design competition in Europe) and it's also located in a unique
place, none other than inside the Terminal 1 of Juanda International Airport. Another intriguing thing
about The Ibis Budget is its organizational structure that shows no sign of Public Relations. Nevertheless
it seems that many people are still interested on the image it builds by itself. According to SS and EA,
there are four components that needs to be done and determines the company image: cognition,
perception, attitude, and motivation (S, 2003). And after this qualitative descriptive research is done
through interview and field observation, the datas collected concludes that the Sales Manager only runs
three out of the four components (which are cognition, perception, and motivation) and there's no such
division as Public Relations. However the Ibis Budget Hotel still projects a good image to the people.
Keywords: public relations activity, sales manager, image, hote


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