• Anita Ulfa
  • Arif Darmawan
  • Bagus Soenarjanto


Perception is a stimulus that is perceived by the individual, organized and then interpreted so that
the individual realizes and understands what is perceived. In other words perception is a process that
involves the entry of messages or information into the human box. Perception is called the core of
communication because if individual perceptions are inaccurate, then the individual is not likely to
communicate effectively. Perceptions that determine the individual to choose a message and ignore the
other message. The research with the title of perception of Surabaya society about advertisement of "tax
benefit" in television is a research which aims to know how perception of advertisement. This study used
descriptive qualitative. From the research conducted, perception is negative. This can be known from
some interviews that were asked to informants, most informants stated disagree. But there's still a small
percentage who have an unfavorable perception of "tax benefit" ads on television, because ads are
considered to get support in the advertising process. Everything presented in the ad. From the results of
research that has been obtained then the advice given to advertisers "tax benefits" on television. Showing
exaggerated imagery that is advertised because it can be a bad impression to the advertised.
Keywords: perception, advertising, taxes, mass media


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