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In addition to these objectives, the editorial board shall not be liable for violations of copyright law.</li> </ol> Front Matter <p>Abstract</p> Tan Evan Tandiyono ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-23 2022-11-23 7 2 THE PERCEIVED USEFULNESS ANALYSIS AND USER SATISFACTION IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DESIGN <p>MyBrilian is part of the technology in the form of a website learning management system (LMS) owned by Dinamika University which can be a place for lecture activities. This study was conducted to analyze the suitability of MyBrilian in terms of perceived benefits that create user satisfaction for users so that it can be a reference if an educational institution will make an LMS in the future. This study uses the PLS-SEM method as an analytical method using the Warp PLS 7.0 application. The difference with MyBrilian's previous research is that there are learning methods that still use hybrid learning, while MyBrilian is now using the LMS learning concept for which there is no further research. The results of the prototype test showed that the respondents agreed to use the MyBriliant prototype.</p> Adrianus Hernowo Candraningrat Candraningrat Ayouvi Poerna Wardhanie ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-23 2022-11-23 7 2 129 144 10.30996/jem17.v7i2.7536 THE EFFECT OF SENIORITY, JOB PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT, AND LOYALTY ON JOB PROMOTION <p>This study aims to explain the Seniority variable, the job performance assessment, and the Loyalty variable to the Job Promotion activities either partially or simultaneously. This research is based on the facts in the field that the seniority factor has more influence on the Job Promotion activities. The work performance appraisal factor does not significantly influence job promotion activities. The research method used in this thesis is descriptive quantitative. The research data was collected by conducting interviews and distributing questionnaires to 100 employees of PERUMDAM Mojopahit Mojokerto as a data collection technique. A proportional Random Sampling technique is needed for the sampling technique in this study. Sampling is done randomly from the entire population regardless of the position of the sample. After the data collected were analyzed using multiple linear regression. The results showed two conclusions that partially, Seniority and Work Performance Assessment in Mojopahit Mojokerto PERUMDAM employees did not affect Job Promotion.At the same time, the Loyalty of Mojopahit Mojokerto PERUMDAM employees affected Job Promotion. Meanwhile, the variables of Seniority, Job Performance Assessment, and Loyalty to PERUMDAM Mojopahit Mojokerto employees have a simultaneous effect on Job Promotion.</p> <p>Keywords: Job Performance Assessment; Job Promotions; Loyalty; seniority.</p> Dewi Andriani Mochammad Muzakki ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-23 2022-11-23 7 2 145 164 10.30996/jem17.v7i2.7537 THE INFLUENCE OF SHARE OFFERING VOLUME FACTORS ON SYSTEMIC RISK: APPLICATION WITH PANEL DATA REGRESSION COMMON EFFECT METHOD <p>This examines pursuits to delete the effect of inventory provides the quantity on Systematic hazard. This l it makes use of the item of shares inside the JCI (Jakarta Islamic Index) institution it is listed on the Indonesia stock exchange (BEI) for the length of July to October 2020 with a saturated pattern (census sampling) as a manner. There are 20 stocks determined as samples. This has looked at evaluation techniques as panel facts regression with the commonplace effect approach. The look located that the outcomes of the wide variety of inventory services have an enormous impact on systematic danger.</p> <p>Keywords: share offering volume factors ; supply extent inventory;systematic hazard; stock exchange.</p> Ahmad Yani Kosali ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-23 2022-11-23 7 2 165 180 10.30996/jem17.v7i2.7538 THE IMPACT GIFT OF MOTIVATION AND TRAINING ON EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE <p>This study aims to determine the effect of providing motivation and employee training on the performance of employees of Otscon Safety Indonesia. The type of this research is quantitative research with descriptive and verification research methods. The sample in this study amounted to 110. The sampling technique used in this study was saturated sampling. The analysis model in this study uses a path analysis model. The results showed a partial or simultaneous influence between the provision of motivation and training on the performance of employees of PT Otscon Safety Indonesia.</p> <p>Keywords: Motivation; Training; Employee Performance.</p> Robi Seprianto ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-23 2022-11-23 7 2 181 196 10.30996/jem17.v7i2.7539 ANALYSIS OF THE INFLUENCE OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE ON VALUE OF THE FIRM WITH PROFITABILITY AS THE INTERVENING VARIABLE OF CONSUMER NON CYCLICALS - PROCESSED FOODS SUB SECTOR <p>Increased production from The Processed Foods Sub Sector will have an impact on increasing investment realization obtained from domestic and foreign investment, as well as a support for economic growth in Indonesia. The greater the return of investment, the better the company's and national economy's condition. The research’s goal was to investigate the impact of liquidity, leverage, and company size on firm value, with profitability serving as an intervening variable. This research is a causal associative quantitative study on non-cyclical consumer companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the processed foods sub-sector from 2018 to 2020, utilizing a purposive sampling technique, with 14 companies chosen as samples. This study's data processing technique makes use of the program SmartPLS 3.0. The results showed: 1) profitability was unaffected by liquidity 2) liquidity has no discernible impact on business value 3) profitability was unaffected by leverage 4) leverage has a substantial beneficial impact on business value 5) the size of the firm had no effect on profitability 6) firm size has no bearing on firm value 7) profitability has a substantial beneficial impact on business value 8) profitability has little effect on business value while liquidity is in it 9) profitability has little effect on company value when leverage is present 10) profitability has little effect on business value when firm size is small. Profitability and leverage both have a positive and considerable impact on business value. This indicates that profitability growth is an important factor that drives firm value. The bigger the company's profitability, the greater the profit and the higher the company's value, the higher the leverage value. The findings indicate that profitability and leverage have a significant impact on business value.</p> <p><br>Keywords: Liquidity; Leverage; Size; Profitability; Firm Value.</p> Nila Dewanti Putri Nekky Rahmiyati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-23 2022-11-23 7 2 197 212 10.30996/jem17.v7i2.7540 Analysis of Investment Decisions and Funding Decisions on Firm Value with Good Corporate Governance as a Moderating Variable in Food and Beverage Listed on IDX 2017-2020 <p>This study aims to determine the effect of independent variables and moderating variables on the dependent variable. The independent variables include Investment Decisions and Funding Decisions. The moderating variable is Good Corporate Governance. While the dependent variable is firm value. The population in this study were 33 Food and Beverage companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The sample used is 16 Food and Beverage companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the 2017-2020 period that meets the criteria. The sample method used is purposive sampling. Techniques and hypothesis testing using SmartPLS 3.3.9 analysis. Based on the results of research and discussion, it shows that Investment Decisions have a significant positive effect on firm value. Funding Decisions have a significant positive effect on firm. GCG strengthens the moderation of investment decisions on firm value. GCG strengthens the moderation of funding decisions on firm value.</p> <p>Keywords: Investment Decision; Funding Decision; Good Corporate Governance; Value of The Firm.</p> Wachid Habil Amirullah Ulfi Pristiana ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-23 2022-11-23 7 2 213 234 10.30996/jem17.v7i2.7541 ANALYSIS OF DIGITAL MARKETING PERFORMANCE AGAINST MAGGOT (HERMETIA ILLUCENS) MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS <p>Maggot or Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) is a source of good quality protein. A household business can produce maggots, so developing and increasing production and marketing using digital marketing is necessary. It is believed that improving marketing performance can increase the readiness of producers to increase their maggot production, open new business opportunities, and empower the community's economy. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of maggot marketing using digital marketing with regression analysis methods. The research tended to experimental research with a descriptive approach to measuring the effectiveness of the digital marketing of mangosteen. The study was carried out in Surabaya, Malang, and several cities in East Java at maggot production and sales centers from January until June 2022. Respondents' identities were previously identified as producers, sellers, and potential buyers and were recommended by both producers and sellers. The results showed satisfaction with conventional marketing results, fear of being unable to serve a broader market, understanding of business development strategies, and understanding of product quality. The magnitude of the influence of the five variables can be explained by 42.6% percent. Of the five significant variables, only one variable that contributes to the reduction in the effectiveness of maggot marketing is the variable of satisfaction with the acquisition of conventional marketing results.</p> <p>Keywords: Correlation; Regression analysis; Digital Marketing; Maggot.</p> Dicky Surya Putra Pradana Sri Hartini ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-23 2022-11-23 7 2 235 246 10.30996/jem17.v7i2.7542 THE EFFECT OF LAND AREA, YIELD, AND MILLING CAPACITY ON SUGAR PRODUCTION IN PT PERKEBUNAN NUSANTARA (PTPN) XI <p>This research has been carried out at PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XI aims to evaluate the influence of some factors, such as land area, yield, and milling capacity, on sugar production at PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XI. This study uses secondary data in the form of quantitative data from production records belonging to PTPN XI from 2011 to 2020. The data obtained were then analyzed statistically using multiple linear regression. The simultaneous effect of the three variables on sugar production has been analyzed using the F test. In contrast, the partial effect of each variable has been analyzed using the t-test. The statistical analysis results showed that the three variables, land area, yield, and milling capacity, had a positive and significant simultaneous effect (P &lt;0.05) on sugar production. The results of the partial analysis showed that land area had a positive and significant effect (P&lt;0.05) on sugar production, but yield and milling capacity had no significant effect (P&gt;0.05) on sugar production. Based on the results of multiple linear regression analysis showed that land area and yield had a significant effect (P&lt;0.05) on sugar production. In contrast, milling capacity had no significant effect (P&gt;0.05) on sugar production. The equation of the multiple linear regression lines between land area, yield and milling capacity on sugar production is as follows: = -59.038 + 3.860 X1 + 3.860 X2 - 0.799 X3 + 0.05. The conclusion is that land area, yield, and milling capacity simultaneously affect sugar production, while yield, and milling capacity partially does not affect sugar production.</p> <p>Keywords: Sugarcane Production; Land Area; Yield; Capacity Grind.</p> wardah wardah Rini Rahayu Sihmawati Silvia Nanda Camila ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-23 2022-11-23 7 2 247 260 10.30996/jem17.v7i2.7543 Back Matter <p>Abstract</p> Tan Evan Tandiyono ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-23 2022-11-23 7 2