Conceptualizing the Establishment of BPPKE: Legal Protection for Businesses in Indonesia

  • Hanny Hilmia Fairuza Universitas Jember, Indonesia
  • Nadhila Citra Supriantoro Universitas Jember, Indonesia
  • Ardani Rizky Trianto Universitas Jember, Indonesia
Keywords: Supervisory Body, Business Law, Electronic Contracts, Protection, Smart Contract


The development of technology brings significant changes in human life, including in the formation of more efficient electronic agreements. Smart contracts, as programmable contracts using blockchain technology, have facilitated agreements without intermediaries with high efficiency and security. In Indonesia, smart contracts are starting to be used although they still encounter pros and cons, especially regarding the aspect of legal validity. The availability of specific regulations regarding electronic contracts poses a major challenge, where the law must provide guarantees and legal recognition equivalent to conventional contracts. Therefore, the establishment of the Electronic Contract Supervision and Protection Agency (BPPKE) becomes important to create order, certainty, and justice for all parties involved in electronic transactions. BPPKE is expected to oversee and supervise the implementation of applicable regulations so that legal objectives can be achieved well in the digital business era. The research method used is Reform-Oriented Research aimed at assessing the sustainability of existing rules and proposing changes to rules deemed necessary related to electronic contracts in Indonesia. Thus, the conceptualization of the establishment of BPPKE is expected to enhance the investment and business climate in Indonesia, as well as strengthen legal protection for business actors, both nationally and internationally. This is in line with the rapid development of information and communication technology, where electronic transactions are becoming increasingly dominant in global business activities.


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