Manuscripts received by Proceeding ISMP will be reviewed through several stages:

  1. The submitted manuscript will be evaluated whether it conformity with the proceeding template, the purpose and scope of the proceeding, and the methodology used (rejected if it does not meet the criteria)
  2. Submitted manuscripts must be free of plagiarism content, the maximum limit of similarity is 20%. The manuscript will be rejected if the similarity is high, however, the author will be asked for clarification if the similarity is low.
  3. The submitted manuscript will be reviewed by peer reviewers. Reviewers do not know the identity of the author, and the author does not know the identity of the reviewer (double-blind review method). A review of the manuscript will pay attention to the novelty of the writing, the theory used, the method used, the results and discussion, conclusions, and suggestions.
  4. Records given by reviewers will be discussed in the editor's meeting to decide whether the manuscript is rejected, requires major revisions, requires minor revisions, or is accepted.
  5. If the submitted manuscript decision is a revision, the author will be contacted to revise the text, and must be returned to the editor without delay. 
  6. Authors who cannot submit revisions according to the schedule can contact the editor, to request an extension.
  7. For authors who do not submit the manuscript after the extension is given, the manuscript will be rejected.
  8. After the manuscript has been revised by the author and returned to the editor, the editor will make the final decision.