Stress Responses Of Sailors On Board Toward Covid-19 Pandemic

  • M. G. Bagus Ani Putra Faculty of Psychology, Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


The aim of this research is to analyze stress responses of sailors on board toward Covid-19 pandemic. 411 sailors of PT. X whom distributed energy to all areas of Indonesia, involved in this research as subjects. Stress responses of sailors on board through online survey in pandemic era. Based on those survey, stress level and stressor toward Covid-19 pandemic well known. Data of survey analyzed by descriptive statistic. The result of this research shown that stress responses was dominated by mediate level (42.84%). In cumulative, stress response as mediate, high and very high level about 56.45%. It is means that majority of subjects feel stress when they on board and leave their family in pandemic era. Meanwhile 44.53% of sailors on board had perception about stressor came from work environment, whereas their concentration was disturbed by negative information about Covid-19 while on board. This condition connected to anxiety of sailors when they leave their family in land which is riskier than on board, like sailors.
Keywords: Stress; Stress Responses; Perception toward pandemic


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