Improving Emotional Intelligence with Emotional Management Training for Teachers of Special School

  • Ferrensia Octaviani Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata Semarang
  • Endang Widyorini Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata Semarang


Teachers of special school needs tend to have problems with their work that drains energy and their emotions, therefore they need to have good emotional intelligence. The objective of this study was to observe the effect of emotional intelligence training towards controlling emotions of teachers of special schools. Methods: This study was conducted based on quasi-experimental research method with single case experiment involving 5 teachers of special school. Their aged 22-43 years all of them are females. Questionnaire was used to measure the level of emotional intelligence. The collected data were then analyzed using SPSS One-Paired Sample, T-Test was conducted to test the hypothesis. The result shows statistically significant difference between pre and post-test, stated t count > t table means H0 was rejected. Thus, there is a difference between the mean pretest and post-test emotional intelligence, significant mean of emotional intelligence between before (M = 39,4, SD = 1,6733) and after the training (M = 51,6, SD = 4,3932), t (4) = 6,99, p = 0,002, d = 1. This study found that the emotional management training is effective in increasing emotional intelligence in teachers of special schools.

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence; Emotional Management Training; Teachers of special school


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