Multivariate Analaysis of Critical Consciousness on Female University Students in West Java

  • Ibnu Athoilah UIN Syarif Hidayutullah Jakarta
  • Neneng Tati Sumiati UIN Syarif Hidayutullah Jakarta
  • Mohamad Avicenna UIN Syarif Hidayutullah Jakarta
  • Rena Latifa
  • Risatianti Kolopaking UIN Syarif Hidayutullah Jakarta


There are a lot of gender-based discriminations in West Java, however little effort is made to change this condition. Critical Consciousness (CC) can be the answer to this problem. This study aims to examine the influence of teacher political support, parents and peer political support, experience of discrimination, socioemotional adaptation, academic adaptation, and socioeconomic background on CC and its domains. Sample in this study was taken from population of female students at universities in West Java, with a total of 260 respondents. All instruments in this study have been adapted to accommodate specific characteristics of female students in West Java. Confirmatory factor analysis was used to test the validity of the construct and multivariate regression analysis was used to analyze the data. There is a significant influence from the variables of academic adaptation, socioeconomic background, teacher political support, life satisfaction, parents and peer political support and experiences of discrimination on CC and its domains with t-value > 1.96. Pedagogical approach from teachers, parents, and peers is important. However, in current society that’s not the only factor, education is still influenced by socioeconomic background, proven by this study that socioeconomic background heavily influenced one of CC domains.

Keywords: Critical Consciousness; Experience With Discrimination; Female Students; Socioeconomic Background; Teacher Political Support And Parents And Peer Political Support


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