Analysis Of Self-Diagnosis Rates In The Early Adult Age Range

  • Eva Rizkika Islamic Psychology, IAIN Kediri
  • Desi Fitriana Islamic Psychology, IAIN Kediri
  • Tatik Imadatus Sa'adati Islamic Psychology, IAIN Kediri,
  • Nur Aziz Afandi Islamic Psychology, IAIN Kediri


The opening of public insight into mental health literacy can lead to self-diagnosis behavior. Self-diagnosis is the act of diagnosing oneself with a disease or disorder based on known information, whether sourced from the internet, closest people, or personal experience. This study aims to analyze the level of self-diagnosis in the early adult age range. The research method used is a quantitative descriptive method, with data collection methods in the form of questionnaires. And the analysis technique uses the SPSS version 22 application. The sample in this study is people with an age range of the early adult age range. The result of the research is that the level of self-diagnosis in the early adult age range is in the moderate category, which is 77.3%. In this case the act of self-diagnosis has a considerable influence on that which can cause a person to suffer from cyberchondria.

Keywords: Decision ; Self-Diagnosis ; The Early Adult Age Range


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