Focus and Scope

Mimbar Keadilan is dedicated to exploring both the theoretical foundations and practical applications of law. As a platform for legal scholars, academics, and practitioners, the journal welcomes contributions that delve into various aspects of legal theory and practice. Manuscripts accepted for publication encompass a wide range of topics within the field of law, including but not limited to Pancasila, the principles of law and justice, notions of fairness and equitability, considerations of humanity and social justice, and the dynamics of democracy and constitutional law. Whether through legal scientific articles, research reports, book reviews, or analytical essays, Mimbar Keadilan serves as a conduit for the exchange of ideas and insights shaping the legal landscape at national and international levels.

Within the pages of this journal, voices from diverse legal backgrounds converge to offer perspectives on critical issues in contemporary jurisprudence. From scholarly debates on foundational principles to practical reflections on legal practice, Mimbar Keadilan provides a forum for engaging with the multifaceted dimensions of law and justice. By fostering dialogue among legal experts and practitioners, the journal aims to enrich our understanding of legal systems and contribute to the advancement of fair and equitable legal frameworks. Through rigorous analysis and thoughtful reflection, contributors to Mimbar Keadilan contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding the principles of Pancasila, the pursuit of justice, the promotion of human rights, and the preservation of democratic ideals embedded within constitutional governance.