Analisis Teori Determinasi Teknologi Pada Aplikasi “Teman Bumil” sebagai Sumber Informasi

  • Zikrina Munawarah Universitas Airlangga


The need for health information, especially during pregnancy for women, is something that is very important for pregnant women to obtain. Through the Friends of Pregnant Women application which offers various information related to pregnancy, this application makes it interesting to research further regarding the features contained in it. This research aims to find out how much influence the Teman Bumil application has in providing information to pregnant women. The method used in this research is the observation by directly observing the features of the Teman Bumil application and conducting interviews with six informants regarding the use of the Teman Bumil application. The results obtained from this research show that the Teman Bumil application helps pregnant women find information and increase their knowledge about pregnancy. Apart from that, the Teman Bumil application also has the advantage of monitoring fetal development from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy period.


Keywords: Health, Pregnancy, Pregnant Mother, Teman Bumil.


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