Author Guidelines

Technical Guidelines

  1. The author sends the manuscript to the editor of JSpTS: Jurnal Spesialis Teknik Sipil online through the following link
  2. For the first time writer must register via the following link After successful registration, the author can use USERNAME and PASSWORD to log in to JSpTS Journal. Every time the author who wants to send a manuscript or check on the status of the manuscript can use that account, WITHOUT MUST REGISTER AGAIN
  3. For authors who already have an account, they can directly log in via the following link  After logging in the author can complete the fields required to send the manuscript. 
  4. Manuscripts
  5. Must use the JSpTS: Jurnal Spesialis Teknik Sipil template. Download tempalte JSpTS
  6. In addition to uploading the manuscript, the author must also upload a cover letter and a statement of the authenticity of the manuscript.
  7. The manuscripts sent will be reviewed by the editor and only the manuscript that meets the focus and scope, as well as the journal style will be continued into the review process. Each manuscript will be reviewed by at least two people

 Writing Guidelines

  1. Manuscripts are scientific writings as a result of research in the fields of civil engineering that have never been published.
  2. Manuscripts must be free of plagiarism. Only manuscripts that have less than 20% in common will be processed.
  3. Authors who enter images, tables, or portions of text that have been published from other places are required to obtain permission from the copyright owner.
  4. All contents of the manuscript and its legal consequences are the responsibility of the author.
  5. The editorial board has the right to make changes related to writing, without changing the substance of the manuscript
  6. Before sending the manuscript to JSpTS: Jurnal Spesialis Teknik Sipil, the writer must be absolutely sure that he/she wants to publish the manuscript in JSpTS. Withdrawal of the manuscript that is in the process of review will be subject to fines. More clearly read Retraction Policies
  7. Manuscripts are written in Indonesian. In general, terms should not be abbreviated unless they are used repeatedly and abbreviations help the reader. Use the full word first, followed by abbreviations in parentheses. After that, just use the abbreviation.
  8. Abstract written in Indonesian and English
  9. Script length 10-15 pages (includes bibliography)
  10. A4 paper size with line spacing 1.15 and font Candara 12
  11. The manuscript is written in 1 (one) column format
  12. Quotes and references are written using the Mendeley application

 Systematics Of Manuscripts Writing