The purpose of DiA: Jurnal Administrasi Publik is to promote the wide dissemination of the results of systematic scientific inquiry into the broad field of public administration research.

DiA is intended to be a journal for publishing articles reporting research on public administration. DiA invites manuscripts in the fields of:

Public Administration;
Public Management;
Public Service;
Public Policy;
Local Government;
International institutions; and

DiA accepts articles on any subject related to public administration and any research methodology that meet the standards set for publication in the journal. The primary, but not exclusive, audience is academics, graduate students, practitioners, and others interested in public administration research.

The primary criteria for publication in DiA are the significance of the contribution an article makes to the literature in the field of public administration, namely the significance of the contribution and the rigor of the analysis and presentation of the paper. Acceptance decisions are made based on an independent review process that provides a critical, constructive, and expeditious evaluation of submitted manuscripts.